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Race Timer, race timing software application turns any computer running Microsoft Windows into a powerful and accurate race timing system.

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Race Timer is an inexpensive easy to use hand timing system. Race Timer is an affordable alternative when compared to specialized race timing equipment like a Sprint 8, Chronomix, Time Machine, or SEIKO printing stopwatch.

Race Timer, race timing software app works well for running clubs, schools and race directors of small races that want do their own timing. Combine Race Timer with the pull-tag system for scoring a race and you're ready to quickly generate accurate results for your running race, skiing race or biking race. Race Timer allows you to easily record finish line time data. It supports rudimentary results processing. You can build a list of participants, define age groups and sort results by age groups. Race Timer stores results in a file. You must load the results file into a spreadsheet or other data management software for printing. See the specifications for a list of features.

Download the free trial version. Please make sure you try before you buy and verify if Race Timer meets your needs.
Click this link to download the Race Timer installation file: RTSetupTrial.exe

The free trial version works the same as the full version, but is limited to timing only 30 participants. If you need free race timing software for small events, the trial version may be adequate. The full version can time thousands. Warning, if you install the current version 3.10 of the trail version over older versions of the full version, the full version converts to the trial version.

Click to view or download the following video walk-through tutorials on how to use Race Timer, race timing software application.

If you need to purchase the full version of Race Timer, please read the Frequently Asked Questions first.

The price is $99.00 delivered electronically.
Add $20.00 if you also want the companion Race Announcer software.

We accept payment by PayPal (www.paypal.com) only.

Race Timer Delivered Electronically
Please download and try the trial version before you buy. Once you are sent the download link, there are no refunds. To insure delivery, please use an email account that accepts emails from other addresses besides those that you have preapproved. Delivery is not instant. Expect an email with a download link within 24 hours. If you purchased during the weekend, late at night or on a holiday, it may take upwards of 48 hours. Please let us know if you do not receive your item(s) within 48 hours.

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If you are a current license holder and wish to upgrade to the current version or if you have lost your copy of Race Timer and need a replacement, please click here to upgrade. Please note, if you install the free trial version over an older copy of the full version, it will turn the full version into the limited trail version.

Last Updated 04-21-2014, Latest Version of Race Timer is 3.10

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