Race Timer Software


fsTimer is free, open source software for race timing that is under active development. It is cross-platform, meaning you can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux (and more!). It handles all aspects of timing the race, including registration, recording times, and printing results. It was designed for doing timing at small to medium charity 5k races, but could be used for a variety of race types.

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Active Network Running Software

Whether you’re a small 5K, charity fundraiser, or international marathon doesn’t matter—our running software will adjust to your needs. Our suite of innovative tools will help you through your entire event lifecycle, supporting you before, during and after your event. From marketing exposure and mobile-friendly registration features to actionable data insights, you’ll have a partner in planning and executing successful events.

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RFID Race Timing System

The software used to time and score events is a critical component of any timing system. RFID Race Timing has invested heavily in software development to produce intuitive  and reliable programs to support our timing hardware.

Here is how it works

Raw data is saved within the timing system control box as race times for each participant as the race unfolds. This data is stored here for later ‘rewinding’ to a race scoring package. Data is also streamed in real-time over Ethernet to RFIDServer (our system management software) which handles the capture of data as well as the functions of each control box.

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